This design build project involved making a temporary installation for the Des Cours event in New Orleans. DesCours is a ten-day architecture and art event, which invites architects and artists to create fifteen architecture installations within the heart of New Orleans. The installation acted as a model of an eco skin which consisted of a flexible modular system in which the units could parametrically adjust to take on a series of different ecological programmatic conditions. The program for the modules included water collection, light apertures, foundation modules, and plant air filters. Each of the 268 modules for the pavilion were made of polyethylene terephthalate (pete) routed on the cnc machine, vaccum formed with a unique mold, and assembled with a bolt and nut connection.

Project Team: Valerie Bolen, Emily Finau, Tasnouva Habib, Knox Jolly, Pei-Lin Liao, Gernot Reither, Keith Smith, and April Tann.