Effervesce considers how design can reflect on the tragic event of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting to at once celebrate the memory of the lives lost and create new connections between those who engage this pop-up architecture.

Rather than a monument, this memorial is an encounter and an event -- a place of interaction and contemplation amid the commotion of the convention environment. Appearing as a filigreed and dematerializing wall, it inhabits middle of site allowing viewers to circumnavigate the structure. The convex shape of each wall surface subtly captures space without occupying it, while the curvature establishes a focal zone within the field. Within this zone are 49 vessels suspended in the porous structure, one for each life lost during the shooting. Upon closer inspection, one discovers that these objects are in fact mechanisms: a plunger, siphon and wand, modeled on a simple toy bubble gun. The supple design encourages one to squeeze the plunger, drawing liquid in to wand, and on release, opening the wand to reveal a soap bubble. Each bubble blown is a fleeting yet vivid reminder of a life lost, and perhaps, a moment of joy. Bubbles periodically floating above the convention floor will quickly be identified with Effervesce , and more importantly, its cause. The bubble’s significance relies on the ephemeral material property as a way of engaging memory and reflective thought relative to the Orlando shooting. The bubbles are beacons in public space which are signaling those around of a shared engagement in reflection and memory of the lives lost. The wall encourages people to come together as a celebratory act of remembrance. The act of blowing a bubble symbolizes a release for families and friends of the victims. The bubble is gestures skyward, just as those impacted by the shooting are longing and reaching for those they have lost. Just as one blow out a candle and makes a wish, Effervesce invites passerby to blow a bubble with a moment of reflection and potentially allow the release of the bubble to carry a message or a moment of reflection in memory of those lost during the shooting.

The project teammates: Marc Manack, Claire Shue, Jonathon Warner, McKenzie Canaday and Alex Cabral.

Awarded First Place in AIA Orlando Small Project Practitioners Pop Up Competition 2017 and awarded AIA Charlotte Design Award 2017. Project press:The Charlotte Observer News, Tri-City Herald, and Business Equality Pride Magazine