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Exhibits and Installations:

Storrs Gallery, “Air Hugs”, Responsive environment exhibition and collaborative dance performance, March 12- April 20.

“Awakened Silence,” Projected performance during Dense Emptiness Symposium, March 26, 2018.

AIA Orlando Small Project Practitioners Pop Up Competition 2017, Awarded first place.

Muncie Makes Lab, “Huggable Architecture”, Research exhibition sponsored by Ball State University Design Innovation Fellowship, April 2016.

Making Things, Harvard Graduate School of Design Open House Exhibition

Innovating Ceramics, ASCER and Office for the Arts at Harvard Exhibition

Dawntown Miami: design/build competition finalist (1 of 16 finalist out of 110 international entries)

10Up Young Architects Forum Competition: awarded honorable mention

Design Is Human, Modern Atlanta’s Exhibition

Emerging Voices 2011, Pucker-Up Installation, Museum of Design Atlanta

Emerging Voices 2011, Mobius Strip Installation, Museum of Design Atlanta

AIA Annual Design Competition: awarded first place, 2011

Des Cours, Pavilion for the AIA, New Orleans, LA

100 Years of Architecture, AIA South Atlantic Regional Conference, Greenville, SC.

Library Display Wall, Georgia Tech College of Architecture Library