Motion Capture is an empirical material and expanded mechanism research project which seeks to capture movement through change in state.  Similarly to how a photographer seeks to capture a moment in time, the research team interrogated what materials might capture a frozen material transition in space, from solid to liquid and back to solid. In a collaborative effort of design and making, the team investigated what material and related machine might constitute such a reaction.  What composition of materials, what mechanism would reinforce the use gravity as the primary force, and what kind expressions manifested from these would best exemplify the spirit of motion capture?  After investigating several inorganic and organic materials, a composite material was derived---sugar infused thermoplastic.  Its structural logic was investigated; the procedural logic of its production was tested; it visual coherence was evaluated.  The thickened, porous object that results is an example of how such material investigations might be developed further to produce fluid and sparse structural forms in design and architecture.   

Project Team: Olga Mesa & Ana Garcia Puyol