This project was produced as an exhibit to represent the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech at the AIA South Atlantic Convention. It was no mere representation of the work going on, but rather a demonstration of it. In a collaborative effort of design and making, the exhibition team interrogated what might constitute a responsible contribution to this convention’s ephemeral display of architecture and production. What locally available materials, what organization of labor and know-how, and what expressions manifested from those could best exemplify the spirit of architectural education at Georgia Tech? Rescuing 50,000 sheets of paper from the campus recycling bins at Georgia Tech—a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of document pages printed there each month—a singular unit of construction was derived, a simple rolled sheet. Its structural logic was investigated; the procedural logic of its production and assembly was tested; its visual coherence was evaluated. 

Project Teammates: Jennifer Bonner, Carl Borders, Colleen Creighton, Josef Fischer, Adrienne Froemelt, Caitlin Jimenez, Katherine Johnson, Joshua LeFrancois, Dessa Lohrey, Leeland McPhail, Timothy Wheelock.  Processing: Matthew Swarts